Project services

Onninen offers project services.

We have strong experience and know-how in project management. We offer the benefits of a complete service: schedules are respected, entity is well co-ordinated, procurement is easy and high purchase volume offers cost benefits.

Our Offer making assistance service, which is mostly linked with project management, can be utilised by you already in the planning stages of a project. We organise customer and project specific credit solutions, to which we also offer collateral. You have the industry's most skilled professionals at your service with regards to Offer making assistance.

Purchasing service takes care of acquiring and delivering special material used by customers. Purchasing service organizes the transportation of products directly from the manufacturer to the customer quickly and cost-effectively.

We can deliver wide entities of material for export projects on behalf of our customer. We take care of marking and packing the products according to the special demands of the project, and draw up export documents effectively. 

For further information about project services please contact Onninen in your country.