Logistics Services

Competitive distribution and logistics services are key requirements for successful operation.

Distribution and warehousing are the basis of Onninen’s operations in all areas. Logistics have been organized locally in ways that serve different countries to ensure that customers’ daily needs are satisfied to the highest degree. Distribution centers are located in all Onninen countries i.e. in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

Logistics services include for example Onni Distribution, 24 hour service, Super fast delivery and Precision delivery.

Onni Distribution delivers products from our warehouses directly to your warehouse or construction site the next day. High volume orders are delivered cost-effectively either as factory or terminal deliveries directly to the desired address.

We are prepared to deliver products 24 hours a day according to our 24 hour service contract. Especially the process industry will benefit from this service.

We offer Super fast delivery service with the transport method chosen by you. The order is processed quicker than a normal order in the Onninen warehouses. Charges will be made according to the chosen delivery method.
We deliver the products to required destinations on the agreed schedule. We will take care of packing and marking the shipments in the desired way. If needed, our sales person and driver will in advance become acquainted with a new site and its modes of operation. In large sites which have a lof of internal traffic, we might appoint a person to take care of freight traffic. Additional charges due to precision delivery will be invoiced separately on a case-by-case basis.

 For further information about logistics services please contact Onninen in your country.