How to sell to Onninen

Collaboration with suppliers means a shared process of creation between two or more parties with diverse skills. It also means knowledge delivering a unified approach that provides the optimal framework for success.

We want to be supplier’s ”First Choice” to develop the logistics process for optimization of information and product flow from suppliers through Onninen to customer delivery point.

We are expecting from our suppliers strong activities in each local market and sales through wholesalers. Onninen is leveraging sourcing operations to all Onninen countries and will establish more supplier agreements at group level.

Category Management leads and manages Onninen’s business group-wide in an easy and quick way in order to have good control of group-wide sales, sourcing and logistics processes.

Onninen has thirteen product groups which are Electrical, Lighting, Cables and wires, Bathroom and kitchen, Heating sources, Air condition and refrigeration, Ventilation, Process piping, Plumbing, Civil engineering and building construction, Steel and metals, Power transmission and lubricants, and Tools, fasteners and personal protection.