March 12, 2010

Rearrangements in Onninen Group management’s responsibilities 

Group Executive Vice President Jyrki Uurtio is responsible for Onninen Finland and Onninen Russia. In Onninen Finland Jyrki takes also Country Director’s responsibility.

Group Executive Vice President Helge Messelt Saethershagen is responsible for Onninen’s businesses in Sweden, Norway and Poland. Managing Directors of these countries report to Helge. He is also responsible for Onninen’s business in Kazakhstan.

Responsibility of Onninen Baltic in the Group Management Team moves to First Executive Vice President Tuomo Väänänen. Despite the economical breakdown in Baltic countries and big loss it caused in 2009, Baltic countries are still seen as an area where Onninen has a possibility for successful execution of the strategy. Tuomo Väänänen is also responsible for new Strategy and Corporate Planning function, which includes development of group strategy and sales as well as Group Sourcing and acquisitions.

Other Group Management Team members, Senior Vice President Ulla Rehnström (Group HR), Chief Information Officer Panu Hannula (Group ICT) and Senior Vice President Kai Puustinen (Group Communications) continue in their present tasks. President and CEO pro tem Heikki Ala-Ilkka still holds also his position as Chief Financial Officer (Group Finance).

Further information:
President and CEO pro tem Heikki Ala-Ilkka,, tel. +358 40 521 5005

Onninen provides comprehensive materials services to contractors, industry, public organizations and technical product retailers.  We are a family-owned company and have operated in the industry since 1913. We have 3,000 employees in our Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Baltic and Kazakhstan operations. Our net sales for 2009 totaled EUR 1.34 billion.