October 3, 2016

The revised K Code of Conduct guides responsibility at Kesko
Kesko's updated principles outline the shared guidelines for the work of each Kesko employee and partners. The K Code of Conduct replaces the previous Our Responsible Working Principles guide.
Kesko wishes to lead the way in responsibility and our stakeholders also hold us to a high standard. This demand for responsibility reaches every area of Kesko operations.
We expect all Kesko employees and business partners to properly internalise the K Code of Conduct. The Code contains 12 principles, and clear examples lay out what is expected of Kesko employees and partners for example in the areas of human rights, environmental care and fair competition.
“Responsible business activities are crucial in achieving sustainable financial results. All our operations are built on trust between Kesko, the K-Group stores, our customers and partners,” President and CEO Mikko Helander sums up in the introduction to the code.
Kesko has prepared a mandatory eLearning package for its employees to smoothly internalise the K Code of Conduct. Kesko employees and partners can download target-group customised versions of the Code. The updated Code comes with a new SpeakUp channel, which gives employees new tools for reporting potential violations of the common principles. 
Onninen provides comprehensive material and information flow solutions to contractors, industry, public organizations, technical product retailers and suppliers. We are a Finnish company and have operated in the industry since 1913. We have 3,200 employees in our Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Baltic operations. Our pro forma net sales were around EUR 1.5 billion in 2015. Onninen Oy is part of Kesko Group.