Press Release
August 16, 2007

Mrs. Anja Toivanen has passed away

Mrs. Anja Toivanen passed away yesterday August 15th because of the serious desease. She was 79 years old.

Anja Toivanen was one of the major stockholders of Onvest. As the last person to have the experience of the very beginning of the company she always looked for continuity and family company's best. The little girl who played in the pipe stock of the company her grandfather Alfred Onninen had founded, she saw all the phases of company's growth. In the footsteps of her father Theodor Auriala, she lifted the company among the biggest in Finland with her husband Erik J. Toivanen and her daughter Maarit.

Mrs. Toivanen took actively part in the charity work via different organizations. Her energetic and determined persona was known e.g. in the associations for supporting the research of the cancer deseases and training and purchasing dogs for drug search for the Finnish authorities.

Anja Toivanen would have celebrated her 80th birthday in October. She is yearned by her family, Onninen, Are and Onvest employees and a large number of friends.

Further information:
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