Legal notice / Terms of use of the Onninen Internet-site

1. General

This Internet-site includes information on Onninen Oy and other companies belonging to the Onninen group as well as on the services and products provided by these companies. All companies belonging to the Onninen group may in these terms be referred to as “Onninen”. The use of the Onninen Internet-site requires that the user agrees to be bound by these terms. The user shall not be entitled to use this Internet-site, if the user does not accept these terms in their entirety. Specific terms of use may be applicable to services offered and certain documents available on the Onninen Internet-site, which means that both these terms and such specific terms shall be applied to the said services and documents.

Onninen shall be entitled to, at any time, for any reason and without prior notice (i) amend these terms of use and the appearance, content, availability and other features of this Internet-site and the services and products supplied via this Internet-site as well as (ii) restrict the access to the Internet-site.

Onninen Internet pages are optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 browser or newer versions. Onninen does not quarantee content visibility or user experience with other interfaces or browsers.

2. Onninen or third parties own the content of the Internet-site

The content of the Onninen Internet-site, including names, logos, trademarks and other distinctive marks, is the property of Onninen Oy, any Onninen group company or a third party. Unless otherwise specifically stated in these terms of use, all rights to the Internet-site and its content shall be reserved. 

Except for the right of the user to view and examine this Internet-site through computer or similar device and print out parts of the Internet-site for personal use, the content of the Internet-site or any part of it shall not be published, transferred, copied, reproduced, distributed or stored without a prior written consent of the holder of the respective rights. Press releases and other documents indicated as being public may, in accordance with the Finnish copyright law, be referred to provided that the source is cited. The trademarks and other distinctive marks included in the Internet-site shall not be used, transferred, copied, reproduced, distributed or published without a prior written consent of Onninen.

3. Limitation of liability

The Onninen Internet-site is provided "as is". No warranties, either expressed or implied, are given as to the availability, accuracy, reliability, content or any other property of the Internet-site. In addition, no warranties of title or non-infringement or warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose is given.

Save to the extent required by any mandatory applicable law, Onninen shall not in any case be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from or claimed to arise from the content of the Onninen Internet-site, the use of the Internet-site or the unavailability of the Internet-site including, without limitation, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages such as loss of turnover or profits or business interruption or loss of data.

4. Material provided by the user

By submitting material via the Onninen Internet-site or via e-mail to any server of Onninen, the user agrees and warrants that: (i) the material submitted by the user is not unlawful or otherwise unfit for publication; (ii) the user has, before submitting any material, used reasonable efforts to make sure that the material does not include any viruses and that the material is not otherwise harmful; (iii) the user is entitled to transfer the material to Onninen; (iv) Onninen shall be entitled to use the material without any limitations, free of charge and without any liability and (v) the user agrees not to present any claims against Onninen as regards the material that the user has submitted and the user agrees to indemnify Onninen, if any third party presents any claims against Onninen as regards the respective material.

5. Links to third party websites and material published by third parties

Onninen Internet-site may include links to third party websites. Onninen shall not be liable for the services or contents included in any such third party website or published by third parties.

6. Applicable law

These terms of use are governed by Finnish law.