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Kesko-Onninen in Chinese (凯斯科-欧宁中文介绍)

The Kesko building and technical trade division has operations in seven countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. We serve customers in 440 stores and extensively in digital channels. In 2021, the division’s net sales totaled €4,388 million.

Our customers include technical professionals, professional builders and consumers. Some 70% of our retail sales come from B2B trade, as construction is increasingly delegated to professionals.

Our strong chains are Onninen, which serves technical professionals, and K-Rauta, Byggmakker, K-Bygg, K-Senukai and OMA, which serve both professional builders and consumers. The leisure goods trade chains Intersport, Budget Sport, The Athlete's Foot and Kookenkä are also part of the division.

Building and technical trade chains - Onninen

Onninen serves technical wholesale business customers and is the market leader in its field in Finland. Onninen offers an extensive selection of products and service packages to contractors, industry, infrastructure building and retail dealers. Through the network of Onninen Express stores, efficient logistic integrated services and multichannel shopping experience, Onninen is the reliable companion of a professional.

There are around 130 Onninen Express stores and Onninen points of sale in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. In addition, Onninen provides comprehensive services to professionals through electronic channels.

Kesko building and technical trade Far East Sourcing

Kesko-Onninen International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Kesko – Onninen has had Far East sourcing office in Shanghai since 2008. Kesko – Onninen International Trading is responsible for handling Kesko´s Building and Technical trade division´s sourcing functions in the Far East and is managing over 300 suppliers in 8 countries. Own sourcing office enables us to secure sustainable sourcing and quality management as well as competitive pricing.

Kesko – Onninen International Trading is ISO9001 & ISO 14001 certified company and with high focus on total quality management.


Kesko – Onninen International is sourcing products for all Kesko BTT Categories:

  • Electrical
    Electrical Installation; Cables & wires; Decorative lighting; Work lighting; Commercial lighting
  • Decoration & Yard
    Decoration; Furnishing & bathroom; Yard furniture & leisure; Garden
  • HEPAC (Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning)
    Plumbing; Plastics, Environmental Pumps; Industrial Products; Ventilation; Heating, A/C, Refrigeration
  • Tools & Building materials
    Tools & Machinery; Fasteners, Work safety; Building Materials; Sauna

How to establish a partnership with us

We are constantly looking for the best responsibly manufactured products at competitive prices. Our supplier selection process focus on sustainability, social responsibility and environmental protection. We hope to establish and develop long-term cooperative relations with responsible suppliers on the basis of mutual understanding. Supplier partnership is not only a process where two or more parties with different skills participate in the creation process, but also a unified and optimal framework that leads to success.

Our goal is to be the supplier's first choice, and our mission is to shorten the route from the manufacturers to the customers through our efficient logistic network.

Contact information

Address: 5/F, Building A, Finance Street, No780 WanHangDu Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai, 200042

China Telephone: (86 21) 6125 3079; (86 21) 6125 3078; (86 21) 6125 3076; (86 21) 6125 8979

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